Aug 222012
B&W picture of rod assembly in a weapons power system.Commander Bavek Dinart, Executive Preceptor
Shirch Prime Academy

 Introduction and Preparatory Summation

To understand the conduct of military operations in the contemporary astropolitical context, it is necessary first to clarify the status and relevant assumptions about that context. Military tactics depend upon strategic and logistical considerations that are profoundly influenced by current astropolitical realities.

Strategic considerations, per se, are the province of other study curricula, and so will be addressed only where they directly control particular tactical decisions. Logistics, however, are critical in all tactical considerations, and will be addressed in more detail. As this is a survey, the discussions will not be in-depth, but the most important, common, and relevant logistical questions will be examined.

The material will be grouped in two broad categories, offensive and defensive operations. Offensive operations are primarily expeditionary in nature. Occupation, counter-insurgency, and garrison operations are included under the defensive category. Continue reading »


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