Oct 142012
Zarel Kerant: A Second Set of Books

Read me the story: The look Jarvin gave her as she entered the Meeting Room would have peeled duracoat from titanium-alloy, and the impatient, skeptical looks on the faces of some of the other sixteen Seated Members promised signal vengeance for this disturbance visited upon them by (presumably) a female whim. She’d said very little […]

Oct 072012
Vetkar Allis: Lullaby

Read me the story: Vetkar Allis looked down at the faces of his sleeping children and fought a welling despair that threatened to close his throat. Angrily, he blinked back tears, futile and redundant. When you existed in a chasm of endless, overwhelming grief, tears were— Well, Father Rillem talked about Man’s duty to accept […]

Oct 022012
Zarel Kerant: Mail From the Bank

Read me the story: “There’s a three-flagged message, Member.” Zarel detected a faint resentment in her First Assistant’s voice—Porlot had expected her to give him the comcodes to screen all incoming traffic, but she’d limited him to low- and medium-priority matters. He’d be complaining to her brother Jarvin any time now, but let him. Until […]

Sep 302012
Mohv Encounters Domestic Bliss

Read me the story: The navlink pinged. They were approaching the point where the stratline’s autonav would drop them. Mohv fed a Kyth shortcode to the interface that enabled them to use the stratline powerlink without the system recording it, and let the flowcar descend slowly to a contour altitude well below the now sparsely-occupied […]

Sep 282012
Mohv Quiddik: Interesting Assignment

Read me the story: It was around the hub of the evening in glorious Tanhesh, the capital of fabled beauty Siriran, Empress of the Neopars’anii Worlds Federation. The tavis field lightly filtered the last rays of the Peacock Sun, sending random fountains of green-gold and turquoise light flaring through the graceful towers of the Forbidden […]

Sep 212012
Religion in the Hub

Excerpts from “Faith and Philosophy: Directions for Hub Culture” by Wenada Thinmark; Kriviti e Filles, pub., Cirpris Minor All of the dominant religious traditions currently extant in the Hub trace their origins back to the original colonial axes of Altair and Procyon, and fall into three major groupings, with a few outliers. This is not […]

Sep 192012
Lennath Makforsith:  The Ivory Tower

Read me the story: A little holocon popped up on the corner of Lennath Makforsith’s desk. She caught its eye and nodded. “Ren Dylart of the Kyth Agency,” it announced. Len touched a desk control that would enable Dylart’s visitor tag to guide him through the complicated warren of staff offices, study carrels, work areas, […]

Sep 162012
Zarel Kerant: Just Helping Out

“You’ve always been lazy. Bone lazy.” It wasn’t necessarily true, Zarel thought, but it was probably fair. She inclined her head, a little stiffly. “As you wish, Brother. You are The Kerant.” She took refuge in formality, but it did not appease him. He glowered at her. “Dammit, Zar, even if you don’t care about […]

Sep 142012
Ilvren: No Peace

As soon as the reflection of dawn showed, Captain Matyas lifted the anchors and allowed the ship to drift carefully eastward, although shore was no more than a hint of darker darkness against the farthest horizon. Finally he pointed to a change in the wave pattern. “I daren’t go further. Those are the Grinders… with […]


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