Apr 052013
Tranest: Brotherly Love

Read me the story Of all politics, family politics are the worst. For sheer, bloody-minded, cutthroat viciousness, nothing can match the games played in families. But I’d never expected to kill my brother, for all the times I wanted to. I’m a peaceful type, in spite of all the combat arts training and the marksmanship […]

Mar 132013
The Greatest Good

Read me the story Colonel Father Jartyl Haldred wasn’t surprised by the summons (phrased as a polite request, of course) to meet with Lord Commander Karth Tallis. In addition to serving as the Director General of the Chaplain’s Corps for the Second Legion, he’d been Tallis’ assigned Chaplain for more than twenty years. It was […]

Mar 012013
Deran Chagarth: Consciousness is Over-rated

Read me the story Something was beeping somewhere. Too loud to ignore, but not loud enough to give a clear sense of pitch or rhythm. It came and went. It was… annoying. Eventually it was annoying enough for Deran Chagarth to notice. There wasn’t anything else to notice, in the formless iteration of consciousness provided […]

Feb 192013
Ilvren: Costly Balance

Read me the story The evening after she raised Veran Banner, the Lady drew me aside, after the daysend meal. “Ilvren, I need you to return, now, to thinking as a Guardian.” This I had been anticipating. Raising Veran Banner now could mean only one thing—that the Lady had determined to continue resisting the barbarian […]

Feb 182013
God Wants Us To Steal Your Planet

Read me the story MOST SECRET: Transcript Strategic Briefing to the High Command General-Hartmann Jamed Ursek “The notion of planetary conquest may be a crazy one, but then, we may all qualify as madmen anyway. How else? With our homes destroyed, our families dead, our colony facing bankruptcy and repossession, ourselves facing forced debt-contracts for […]

Dec 232012
Tallis: Leverage

Read me the story The Joint Command meeting was the first opportunity for Klaros’ military leadership to discuss strategy. Now that the Lord Commander of the Second Legion was back from Hecht, they could begin figuring out how to clean up after what might have been the biggest military fuckup in human history—although the military […]

Dec 032012
Tranest: Qualities of Silence

Read me the story The Tranest Aureole loomed in the orbit of Ponik Retsa III like a third moon, nearly as big as the airless planet’s two artificial moons, but more streamlined. In a luxuriously-appointed dining room in the Executive Suite, the Executive Committee of Tranest Corporation was sharing breakfast. The six women and men […]

Nov 242012
Magalin: Shark-Infested Waters

Read me the story: Gavith Frenholm tapped the call response tab. The double-blink indicated it was a ComWeb transfer, but there was almost no delay in the connection. The Kyth Agency paid for the highest level of ComWeb service, and then added its own transmission boost from a beacon in the Maccadon system. The glamorous-looking […]


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